Door Sensor

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Door Sensor

Nothing spells security than being notified or alerted if somebody has entered your premises without your permission. It also helps when even before someone can gain entry, you already know who he or she is. The main idea of this door sensor is to simply provide you information if someone has gone through any of your property entry points.

Works with Many Entry Points

The door sensor is primarily used to detect people or objects that have passed through the doors, but it’s also compatible to windows and any enclosures that could be opened.

Small to Notice

The door sensor is a very unassuming device so it blends well with the rest of the commonly found items or appliances in your home. It is also quite small you can easily hide it well, away from the prying eyes of potential intruders, and it doesn’t get in the way with the actual functions of the entry points.

The device is a magnetic switch that allows it to accurately determine location and direction. In other words, there are no false alarms and leads.

Very Easy and Fast Installation

As a magnetic device, it doesn’t require any intricate tools to install. In fact, you simply need to snap it into any metal part of your entryway, and you can already properly and quickly configure the door sensor. If not, you can conveniently attached even a small piece of metal at any part of the door and window.

Works with the Other mFi Devices

Like the other mFi devices, the door sensor is developed in a way that it can be easily integrated into the rest of your mFi network. Once you’re able to do this, you can then configure and manage the sensor remotely through a program, which also provides mobile and cloud support.

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