Instant 802.3AF Indoor 48V POE

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Instant 802.3AF Indoor 48V POE

With the Instant 802.3AF Indoor 48V POE you can now take full advantage of all the benefits power over Ethernet (PoE) can provide you. One you’ll be able to save a lot of money since you don’t have to rely on the expertise of installers. Second, you can now maximize your electricity because you need lesser current. Third, you need only one type of cable to set it up. In fact, with a PoE within your network, you may be able to save as much as a thousand dollars. This is for every port.

Less Power Interruption

With the Instant 802.3AF Indoor 48V POE in place, you can now ensure that you will have a more stable power supply. Moreover, you can have more control when it’s time to reset or even modify the devices attached to it. You can also run it along with a USP and enjoy uninterrupted power for your network.

Long Cable Runs

Not all cables that are meant for PoE are long, which somehow reduces the effectiveness of the system. This one, however, can support long 48V cables, so you’ll be able to maximize the current as well as the covered distance. The Instant 802.3AF Indoor 48V POE is a perfect one to use if you want to set up a more thorough network within your home.

Surge Protection

There are a lot of things you cannot control such as harsh environmental conditions. Considering that most of the wireless technologies are set up fully or partly outside, if one of the wires is hit by lightning, for example, a potential power surge can occur, damaging the critical components of your devices, even those that are found indoors. The Instant 802.3AF Indoor 48V POE therefore reduces this kind of risk through the implementation of a surge protector.

Longer 48V cable runs capable because of increased efficiency of power delivery
Additional +/-15kV of ethernet isolation and ESD/Surge protection to device
Works seamlessly with Cisco Catalyst and other 802.3af Switches for remote power control
Available in both indoor and outdoor versions

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