mPower Mini

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mPower Mini

The mPower Mini is one of the smallest switchable AC ports that are available in the market, though its developer didn’t compromise its quality. The device is beautifully designed, looks very tough, and is truly versatile. Because of its smallness, it can be easily integrated into your wireless network as soon as possible and connect multiple devices in less than 10 minutes. It is as elegant as the other WiFi systems and sensors designed by Ubiquiti.

With WiFi Connectivity

The AC port already has a WiFi connectivity, which allows it to connect to different devices simultaneously. You can also easily tap on the sensors and other types of hardware that are attached to the mPower Mini.

Easy Setup

There’s an ongoing evolution among wireless and networking devices. A long time ago, you need to figure out which wires or cables go to where. The entire configuration process takes minutes or even hours, and often it’s reserved only to the most technical. The mPower Mini is a modern-day form factor. It now uses the plug-and-play approach. This simply means that you just have to connect the AC ports and the wires, then run its proprietary software. After that, everything is already set up. The mPower Mini lets you use the system in record time. This also makes the device, as well as the network it belongs to, very easy to maintain or customize.

Great Functionality and Network

The mPower Mini is designed to work with the other peripherals from Ubiquiti Network, letting you build great relationships among them. The mPower Mini can complement your wireless and networking machines, as well as sensors, which may be attached on the walls or the ceilings. These are all IP centric, so you can therefore access the devices, including the mPower Mini, online or even in your mobile devices.

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